Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check Online

The Lakshmir Bhandar scheme in West Bengal stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to women’s financial empowerment. Launched by the Honorable Chief Minister, Mamta Banarjee, in 2001, this initiative aims to provide essential financial aid to the women of West Bengal. Applicants who have availed themselves of this program can now conveniently check their application status and access vital information related to the scheme.

StateWest Bengal
StatusLakshmir Bhandar Status
OrganizationWomen Development and social welfare
Announced ByMamta Benarjee
Financial Aid1000 and 500 rs to women of west bengal
Release Date November 2023

The Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check

For those who have applied to the Lakshmir Bhandar scheme, the process of checking the status of their applications is made hassle-free through the online portal The anticipated release of the status is expected to occur in November 2023, offering applicants an opportunity to track the progress of their applications.

A New Dawn for Women in West Bengal

The Lakshmir Bhandar scheme is a symbol of the West Bengal government’s unwavering support for women’s financial independence. Many women in the state have filed applications under this initiative, and the time has come to inquire about the progress of their submissions. As the status check becomes available, women can learn if their applications have been accepted or if there are issues that need attention.

The Lakshmir Bhandar Portal: A Gateway to Financial Inclusion

This initiative is orchestrated by the Women Development and Social Welfare organization and is endorsed by Mamta Banarjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal. It offers financial assistance of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 to the women of the state. With the status set to release in November 2023, women can anticipate a smoother journey towards economic self-sufficiency.

Steps to check Status of Lakshmir Bhandar with Beneficiary ID

lakshmir bhandar

For those eager to check the status of their Lakshmir Bhandar applications, the following steps should guide you:

  1. Visit the official website, the designated platform for Lakshmir Bhandar.
  2. Input your mobile number to access the website. You’ll receive an OTP for verification.
  3. Once your mobile number is verified, log in to the website.

Essential Documents for Lakshmir Bhandar

Before you fill out the Lakshmir Bhandar application, ensure you have the necessary documents at your disposal:

  • Copy of your bank passbook.
  • A copy of your Aadhar card.
  • A color passport-size photo.
  • Copy of your Swasthya Sathi Card.
  • Copy of SC/ST certificate.

Remember, only the required documents need to be uploaded, so make sure to scan them before completing the Lakshmi Banda form.

West Bengal Lakshmir Bhandar Application Form

The Lakshmir Bhandar portal keeps track of every submitted application. It offers the convenience of viewing all filed applications, allowing you to review and modify them if necessary. You can search using your application number or Swasthya Sathi’s card number, making the process user-friendly.

SMS Updates for Applicants

Applicants who have submitted their forms and essential documents should expect to receive SMS notifications confirming their application numbers. If there are any discrepancies in the mobile number provided, SMS notifications may not be received. Be patient, as the government requires time to verify the voluminous number of applications.

What if You Haven’t Received Payment?

If you haven’t received an SMS confirming your application’s progress, it may be due to various reasons. Ensure your mobile phone has a valid recharge, clear your SMS memory, verify that your mobile number is linked to your bank account, and check your bank statement for any credits related to the Lakshmir Bhandar Prakalpa.

An Empowering Future

The Lakshmir Bhandar scheme in West Bengal is not just a financial assistance program; it’s a platform for empowerment. By providing economic support to women in the state, it fosters a brighter future for countless individuals and their families. With every SMS notification and status check, the journey towards financial independence for women in West Bengal takes another step forward.

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