Rajasthan Jamin Ka Naksha, राजस्थान भू नक्शा 2023 यहां से देखें

Discover the Convenience of Rajasthan Land Records Online

In a significant move towards digitization and providing convenience to citizens, the Rajasthan government has introduced the facility to check land, plot, and house maps online. This means you can now easily verify the map of your property from the comfort of your home, without the need for repeated visits to the local patwari (revenue officer) or the revenue department.

The availability of online land records, or “Rajasthan Jamin Ka Naksha,” for 2023, has ushered in a new era of accessibility and transparency for property owners in the state.

The End of Tedious Visits

In the past, obtaining the map of your land or property often required multiple visits to government offices and interactions with officials. The process was time-consuming and sometimes involved long waiting periods. However, the Rajasthan government’s initiative to provide land and property maps online has simplified this procedure.

The Significance of Land Maps and Jamabandi Records

Land maps and Jamabandi records are crucial documents for property owners, as they contain vital information about land ownership and its related aspects. These records are often needed for various legal and administrative purposes, such as property transactions and land-related disputes.

The Online Process to Check Your Land Map and Jamabandi Records

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to easily check the map of your land or property online in Rajasthan:

  1. Visit the Official Rajasthan Land Records Website: The first step is to access the official website of the Rajasthan government that provides land records. This website is designed to make the process of accessing land maps and Jamabandi records hassle-free.
  2. Select Your District, Tehsil, and RI Name: After reaching the website, select your district, tehsil (subdivision), and RI (Revenue Inspector) name. This will help narrow down the search to your specific area.
  3. Choose Your Halka and Village: Further refine your search by choosing your halka (revenue circle) and the name of your village.
  4. Locate Your Khasra Number: Using your Khasra number, you can view the map of your land and access detailed information related to it.
  5. View Detailed Land Information: Once you’ve entered the required details, you’ll be presented with comprehensive information about your land, including its exact location on the map.
  6. Obtain a Copy of Your Land Map: If needed, you can also generate a copy of your land map for your records or any legal purposes.

Accessing Jamabandi Records Online

In addition to land maps, the government has made it possible to check Jamabandi records online. This process is equally straightforward:

  1. Visit the Rajasthan Apna Khata Portal: Go to the official Rajasthan Apna Khata portal dedicated to providing Jamabandi records.
  2. Select Your District and Tehsil: Choose your district and tehsil from the available options.
  3. Pick Your Village and Patwari Mandal: Further specify your search by selecting your village and patwari mandal.
  4. Provide Your Name and Relevant Details: Fill in your name and other required details.
  5. Enter Your Khata Number or Khasra Number: You can search for records using either the khata number or the Khasra number.
  6. Access Your Jamabandi Records: Once you’ve completed these steps, the portal will display your Jamabandi records, providing you with valuable land-related information.

This initiative by the Rajasthan government has brought a much-needed level of accessibility to land records and has significantly reduced the administrative burden for property owners. It’s a testament to the power of technology in simplifying essential government services and ensuring that citizens have easy access to crucial documents related to their property.

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