Real or Fake; World Cup 2023 Final Rematch

Rematch of World Cup 2023 Final Real or Fake: Amidst the social media buzz, there are circulating reports claiming that Australia did not won in the World Cup 2023. The official announcement of the World Cup winner is scheduled after two successful Ind vs Aus final 2023 Rematch.

Both the BCCI and ICC have already addressed this speculation, emphasizing a best-of-three format to determine the ultimate World Cup champion. Let’s delve into the reality behind this viral report.

World Cup 2023 Final India Vs Australia Rematch

Contrary to the viral report, Australia Won the World Cup on November 19, 2023, defeating India by 6 wickets. The speculation suggesting Australia concealed its victory is unfounded.

What’s the Viral WC 2023 final Rematch News

The viral article suggests an additional 5 T20 Series matches between Australia and India, with the winner from these matches being crowned as the World Cup champion. BCCI has engaged in discussions with ICC regarding this matter. An agreement has been reached that in the event of India losing the World Cup finale at Narendra Modi Stadium, two additional matches will take place in Mumbai and Kolkata.

The groundwork for these matches is already underway, with Australia’s claim to the World Cup final victory standing at 1-0.

ICC Chairman Grey Barless has issued a statement emphasizing adherence to the rules, asserting that every team must follow them. The article questions whether Australia’s celebration of victory would have been allowed if ICC officials and umpires had thoroughly reviewed the rules.

Is WC 2023 Final Rematch Going to Happen

Let’s unveil the truth behind this viral news. In reality, it’s a satirical piece penned by the Australian website, known for its sports news. This article serves as a tradition for them to playfully tease the losing team. And this news was also part of the jest.

India Vs Australia Final Rematch Date

The World Cup 2023 winner was officially declared on November 19, 2023. The T20 Series is set to commence on November 23 between Australia and India, with no postponements. Contrary to fake news, no matches will be played in Mumbai and Kolkata. The statement attributed to ICC Chairman was also fabricated. There is no agreement between SSC and ICSE regarding this. The satirical article was intended purely for amusement, with no intention to offend. Take it lightly and enjoy the upcoming matches between India and Australia.

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